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Atlanta Skydiving at Georgia Skydiving Center

Go Skydiving Atlanta!

Georgia Skydiving Center invites you to live life to the fullest by providing you with the opportunity to have the most thrilling adventure of your life!

Thanks for choosing Georgia Skydiving Center! We guarantee that you will have an awesome Georgia skydiving experience. We will help you select the first skydive that is right for you, provide you with expert training, and guide you through the most thrilling experience of your life! The Georgia Skydiving Center experience is the safest skydive adventure that you can have in the southeast. Our skydiving professionals are the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable professionals in skydiving. There is no reason to put off any longer what you have dreamed about for so long, so let's get started!

We recommend that you choose a tandem skydive for your first jump. Tandem skydiving is the easiest and safest method for first time skydivers. Once you gain confidence and experience, you will want to try an accelerated freefall skydive, and eventually learn more about how to get your skydiving certification at Georgia Skydivers Center.

If you are already an experienced skydiver, you may wish to learn more about our other extremely exciting skydiving events. Whether this is your first skydive or your hundredth, we are uniquely qualified to provide you with a highly satisfying skydiving experience that you will never forget. See our Videos and Photos page to find out how you can capture your skydiving experience on film to share with friends and family. Skydive Georgia, at Georgia Skydiving Center!

Make your skydiving reservation today! Call us at  404-214-2040 to begin your skydiving adventure. We are your premier choice for skydiving in the area, and we are conveniently located for skydivers from Georgia, Atlanta, Marietta, Rome and Athens..

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