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Georgia Skydiving Center


Once you complete the basics required in the certification program and become a licensed skydiver, you can participate in further instruction to learn advanced skydiving skills. Georgia Skydiving Center offers coaching for every aspect of skydiving. Improve your performance with assistance from our professional skydiving instructors. Georgia Skydiving Center offers the following to experienced skydivers:

Formation Skydiving
Freefly Training
Canopy Training
Design Parameters
Flight Environment

Formation Skydiving
One on One" or "Two on One" or "4 Way" body flight coaching. Skills include:

  • Exits
  • Body Position
  • Grip Taking
  • Fall Rate
  • Forward & Backward Movement
  • Side Slides
  • Turns
  • Combination Moves (super positioning)
  • Tracking
  • Canopy Control
  • Creeping Techniques
  • Mental Preparation & Focus
  • Team Dynamics

Freefly Training
Learn to fly your body in any direction, at any speed. Training Skills Include:

  • Basic sit position
  • Head down
  • Transitions
  • Stand up
  • Back flying
  • Enhanced tracking
  • Freefly fall rate
  • Forward & backward movement and turns

skydiving canopy

Canopy Training
Enhance your knowledge and canopy control performance.

  • Basic Aerodynamics
  • Lift
  • Drag
  • Flow separation
  • Thrust & weight
  • Center of mass, center of lift landings
  • Angle of incidence
  • Camber

Design Parameters

  • Aspect ratio
  • Airfoil
  • Wing Loading
  • Trim

Flight Environment

  • Turbulence
  • Density altitude
  • Traffic management
  • Break off & depolyment
  • Crosswind, downwind
  • Final approach

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